Info-Blaster software runs on low cost Raspberry Pi mini-computer, to provide any/all of the following:

  • Broadcast Wi-Fi network to which anyone can connect

  • Wireless upload of your custom content (web pages or files) that can be shared with anyone that connects to Wi-Fi network

  • Record and share videos from wireless camera

  • Upload and display JPEG pictures on television, via HDMI output

When used to broadcast web content, example usage includes: describe property for sale, election information, program/menu/etc information for business, school, church, etc. Also can be used to distribute files (no webpage required)

Changing webpage/file/JPEG content is easy; connect Wi-Fi, then upload using browser.

To record video, a camera with RTSP server (e.g., DaFang, Wyze) can be connected via Wi-Fi, and the web server will record video to SD card. Video files can be easily accessed by connecting to Wi-Fi. Example applications for video recording include:

  1. Neighborhood watch (or to watch other public areas)

  2. Support for camera that is located too far from existing network

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